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I can not say I've totally escaped that tendency
This is cute! I will do anything to have a Wonderful house like that

So nicely Animal Crossing Items done. I admit I am kind of biased against predators based on networking references; however if they're a terrific design and look awesome outside the context of the reference I believe they function. This is maybe the best example of this I've seen.Damn that is great, you certainly went in for the very first one I visit! And it's all amazing, but I am really digging the raccoon!Although I am white, it is not uncommon for me to play as a black character in matches (when I have an option ) specifically because as a kid I became more fascinated with the idea of representation and the way many of us are taught that white would be your"normal" or"default" individual in media. I figured- hey, should I opt to play as distinct races, maybe I can assist my brain to never think of whitened as"default". /shrug/

I can not say I've totally escaped that tendency. And doing so will not make me"better" or something. However, I believe that encouraging people to play characters outside their reality is fine. It will help us think beyond our own little bubble of reality. That is all.Tom corner is actually a tanuki so I am afraid you're going to have to get enormous tanuki balls tattoo onto him. F.

All I could do is try to be kind.) I don't believe there are scenarios where dangers, doxxing, or telling somebody to kill themselves is okay, and *especially* even when it comes to buy Animal Crossing Bells pixel buns! I literally can not imagine myself telling somebody to kill themselves, even anonymously.
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