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Is it Time To Stop Playing Fallout 76?
Boring and without any great, engaging games until Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was released later this month. I did the unthinkable: downloaded Fallout 76 on my PlayStation 5. Corrected slightly by rebooting, it felt like a sign I might give up the game forever.

My favorite part of playing Fallout 76 on Xbox One was playing it for a few months after launch in 2018 before getting distracted by other things. Spurred on by my colleagues' insistence that Fallout 76 is pretty good now, and i even made a lot of money for selling Fallout 76 caps ingame, I recently decided I might as well see what I've added to apocalyptic Appalachia over the years. Waiting to install over 100GB of the game, I decided to spend an evening getting reacquainted with pseudo-MMORPGs.

The opening of Fallout 76 is almost too fresh for me. You'll wake up in the franchise's ubiquitous dome, shape your character, and then drag yourself through the main mission into the hazy, nuclear war-torn world. I chose the template of the old woman, added random superficial wounds and blemishes, named her Tuna, and then set off into the wilds of West Virginia.

But when I stepped into the sunlight, to my surprise, the tuna blinked the shadows in her eyes. Does the Fallout 76 screen always feel .... blank? I tried to shrug, but when I came across a few new human NPCs the developers had added to the game last April, I noticed the hint of not talking to them in time. It finally hit me when I was driving down a familiar dirt road and started fighting low-level enemies: the user interface had completely disappeared.

I couldn't see my health, hunger, or thirst levels. There were no quest markers. When I tried to hack a small robot to pieces with a machete, I was greeted with metallic sound effects, but no menu items. Sure, I could still talk to people, but it was like I was trapped in my own body and unable to interact with the world around me in any meaningful way. The whole thing kept me on the edge.

I jumped online to see what was causing the problem, and as of July 2020, someone was having the same Fallout 76 problem on Xbox One, so I came across a Reddit thread. Some people think that the lack of UI is caused by another bug that is confused with the HUD's opacity setting, but I can't even get to the options menu. One comment says it's a known glitch that "sometimes has a 60% chance of happening when starting a new character". I'm not sure how accurate the math is, but fortunately, all it took to fix the problem was a restart of the game. I now have the HUD.

While Fallout 76 was reloading, I had a moment to think. What am I doing, do I really want to play Fallout 76 or am I just looking for something big to fill my time? If there was such a bad bug waiting for me at the door, how bad was the rest of the game? I had to delete a few other games to make room on the PlayStation 5's relatively small SSD, and even after Fallout 76 took up residence, I had little room left. After 
a few minutes, my interest in replaying the game was completely gone.

I'm sure Fallout 76 will be fine. Heck, I could have even had a bit of fun with the relatively poor launch version. That said, I wonder if the game really wants me to play it now. I'm not a superstitious person, but this is definitely an omen of sorts. Maybe the universe is telling me that I can let Fallout 76 go, and the terrible lack of feeling I experience with each new update and expansion is just something I need to work out for myself, not by wrapping my life in a new never feeling. End game.
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